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Airspace Internet Exchange Inc. (AirspaceIX) aims to develop the next generation broadband wireless technology platforms and user terminals. We aim to provide the lowest cost and the most innovative systems to bring the reach of the global internet to rural communities and underserved suburban areas with the highest broadband connectivity services. AirspaceIX has launched two world leading technologies: Curvalux, the world's most innovative multi-beam phased array wireless broadband access system and Saturn Satellite Network's Nationsat, the world's first space qualified small GEO satellite with an all digital payload. AirspaceIX is a US corporation and Curvalux and Saturn are its operating subsidiaries.


Amazingly Fast and Extremely Affordable

At AirspaceIX, we have recruited the most brilliant and knowledgeable professionals to develop the next generation wireless broadband platforms that are simply x10 to x100 times faster that current generation wireless systems at investment levels that are x10 to x1000 times lower cost than currently available platforms. Our technology will be available for global distribution later in 2018.

The World's Most Cost Effective Multi-beam Phased Array Broadband System

Curvalux is both an advanced multi-beam phased array wireless access and backbone technology with a built in backhaul relay architecture. Curvalux provides frequency re-use, high directivity and gain of the antenna thereby dramatically increasing the throughput and range of wireless broadband connectivity to low powered and low cost end-user terminals. The next generation 5G mobile systems are also multi-beam phased array technologies but Curvalux beats those systems in terms of mass, size, power and most importantly cost for the fixed wireless access application

Curvalux provides long range fixed wireless communications services up to 15km to end users with a fixed CPE and up to 2km to hand held wifi enabled mobile phones and tablets. 

Curvalux operates in the 5GHz unlicensed band. From 2019 Curvalux will be developed for 2 to 3GHz licensed bands.


Curvalux Testing Results

Simply the World's Most Innovative Multi-beam Phased Array Wireless Broadband System

During 1H 2019 Curvalux underwent comprehensive field trials in Hong Kong, USA, Philippines and Indonesia with amazing results. 

In the city of Manila, Curvalux was able to achieve more than 2 Gbps of wireless broadband access services to fixed user terminals using Wifi 5

During NAB in Las Vegas, Curvalux operating with Wifi 6 was able to achieve over 400Mbps to a Wifi 6 enabled Smartphone that was located more than 800 meters from the tower


The Airspace IX Team


Via Satellite Satellite Executive of the Year 2012. Satellite Hall of Fame 2017. Founded Speedcast and ABS. Hughes and Rockwell.

Creative and Disruptive. MBA & BSAE

Executive Chairman

Thomas Choi


Internet, telecom and media veteran., Yahoo! and ABS. Business Development Genius. BSME

Group CEO

Richard Pak


Telecom and Rf communications Expert. Satixfy, Orbit, Novelsat. Makes Tom's vision to reality. MBA & BSEE

Group CTO

Nir Barkan


Extraordinary satellite and space systems engineer. Former President Boeing Satellite Systems & Aerojet Rocketdyne, ABS. MBA, BS & MS  

CEO Saturn Satellite Networks

Jim Simpon


Leading visionary in digital satellite communications. Former Lockheed Martin, Echostar, SES Global, DirecTV & Hughes. MBA, BS & MS in Aero & Astronautics 

Managing Director

Vernon Smith


The world's most experienced satellite engineer having procured more than 51 satellites. Former CTO Intelsat & ABS. BS and MS Electrical and Communications Engineering 

CTO Saturn Satellite Networks

Ken Betaharon



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A small GEO satellite

National Coverage

2kW of Payload Power

Fully Digital Payload

Frequency Agile Transponders

36 x 48 MHz capacity

C & Ku band  Wide Beam

Ku & Ka HTS

40 to 80 Gbps

  Made in the USA

Nationsat Advantages

75% Lower Cost

70% Financing Available

Sovereign Leasing Programs

12 to 18 month build time

GTO shared launch each year

Flight Proven & Space Qualified

15+ Year fuel life

DTH, CATV, Mobile Backhaul &

Consumer Broadband

Rural development

Saturn Satellite Networks Inc.