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Advanced Technology Incubator

AirspaceIX was founded by a small group of private investors lead by Tom Choi to create two leading start-up companies, Curvalux and Saturn Satellite Networks. Both companies are going through exponential growth and value creation they benefit from proprietary and patented technologies that are fundamentally reshaping their respective industries. AirspaceIX's shareholders current serve as key executives of both companies with Tom Choi serving as an Executive Chairman of both companies. Curvalux and Saturn were spun out of AirspaceIX in 2021 and 2022 respectively.  


Executive Chairman of Curvalux and Saturn

CEO of Saturn

Thomas Choi

Via Satellite Satellite Executive of the Year 2012. Satellite Hall of Fame 2017. Founded Speedcast and ABS. Hughes and Rockwell.

Creative and Disruptive. MBA & BSAE


CEO of Curvalux

Richard Pak

Internet, telecom and media veteran., Yahoo! and ABS. Business Development Genius. BSME


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